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Discover Our 3-Step Email Strategy To Converting The Leads You Get From Konvata To Paying Customers, And Your Paying Customers To Rabid Fans Who Buy Over And Over Again, And Even Promote Your Business

It’s The Same Strategy We Use To Generate $10,000+ Monthly From Our Leads and Customers On Autopilot - You Can Achieve The Same

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I Have Konvata, Why Do I Need This Training?

Getting Konvata is actually one of your best decisions today.

Right now, you’ll be able to get more customers, more leads, and more engagements from your website.

It’s our assurance!

But it shouldn’t end at that.

Or tell me, won’t you want to learn and implement a GUARANTEED way to:

Convert the leads you get to become paying customers (profit for you)

Get the customers you acquire to buy more and more from you (more profit for you)

Getting both the leads and customers to become loyal fans that go about talking about you (free traffic for you, that converts to more leads and customers)

Your answer is probably YES

And we want to show you the 3-step email strategy we use to achieve it, and how you can easily get it setup for your business in one weekend too.

In our business, 70% of our profits come from sending emails to our leads and customers. And most of these emails go out on autopilot.

On average, we get $500 in sales daily from automatic emails and much more when we do a full-blown aggressive campaign that runs for a few days.

These are sales email notifications that come in daily from the automatic emails that go out to every new lead we get, and to every new customer we get.

Each lead type and customer type get different emails that turn them into a revenue-generating machine for us on autopilot.

We’ll show you how to set this all up so that every lead you get with the help of Konvata will turn into a customer…

…and every customer you get will end up buying more and more, and even tell others about you.

The result you will get is: more revenue and more profits for your business on autopilot

If you implement our 3-step email strategy, then you can also wake up to sale notification emails like that too from each lead and customer you get

Get Access To The Training + The Email Templates And Resources You’ll Need

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So What Are You Getting On This Offer?

1. Our Comprehensive Training On How To Profitably Run Your Email Marketing

(current price: $37)

We’ll reveal our 3-step strategy for running an effective follow-up email campaign that turns leads into buyers, and buyers into repeat buyers.

You’ll also learn how we segment and automate our emails, to make them run on autopilot, returning consistent profits for us every day.

PLUS, how to write emails for just about any purpose, how to make sure your emails land in the inbox and not the spam folder, and the best time and frequency to send your emails for best results.

The training is straight-to-the-point, practical, and easy to understand and follow. You can finish the course in 24 hours and start implementing immediately.

2. Access To Our 469 Battle-Tested High Converting Email Templates That Consistently Sell

(current price: $297)

We’ve written thousands of emails that have brought in millions of dollars in sales for us and for our clients.

We’ve made a template out of the best-performing ones and used it many times over, and they consistently work.

And we’ve segmented the templates into more than 20 different use cases. From list nurturing emails to product launch emails, re-engagement emails, cart-abandonment series, cold emails, pre-launch series, webinar emails, and so on.

Now, we’re giving you access to it too so you can swipe it and use it in your campaigns.

No more hiring copywriters, or using overhyped templates that send your emails to the spam folder.

Use this and watch your sales boom.

3. Our 5-Figure Email Marketing Campaign Checklist

(current price: $27)

A successful email marketing campaign is a result of good planning and execution.

This checklist helps us know exactly everything we need to know and do before launching any new email campaign.

Every time we follow and check out everything on the list, the campaigns always work, delivering 5-figure revenues for us within a few days.

Use it to guide you when planning any email marketing campaign, whether newsletters or automatic emails.

4. Email calendar to guide you on the type of emails to send every day of the week

(current price: $27)

The more emails you send, the more money you are going to make. At the minimum, you should be sending out 3 emails every week.

The problem is that most people don’t even know what to be sending to these subscribers every time.

This calendar gives you ideas of the type of emails you can send to your subscribers to keep them warm, engaged, loyal, and buying your offer.

This calendar does the role of an email marketing agency, telling you what to send on each day and week. It’ll save you a lot of money and time.

Regular price = $388

Today only = $47

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If That's The Case, Why Are You Giving Me Such An Incredible Deal?

Good question!

Well, it’s because you’ve already spent money with us today by buying Konvata.

So, we want to make sure you get extra value.

That way, you’ll be happy to buy from us later in the future and say nice things about us too.

Fair, isn’t it?

Or would you prefer to get it from the usual channel?

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Get Your Access To The Training, Implement In One Weekend, See Results In 7 Days

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This Is Not Compulsory For You Though

But if you want to see how we’re able to convert our leads to buyers. And how we make those buyers to keep buying more and more. Plus how we turn all of them to raving fans. And all on autopilot

Then, this is for you.

We’ll give you the knowledge/method, and all the templates and resources you need.

With this, you can have this up and running in one weekend.

Imagine What The Setup Would Look Like For You:

Konvata gets you more leads automatically

The system you set up with the knowledge and resources you're about to acquire now turns the leads to buyers (more money)

The system also automatically gets the buyers to buy more products from you (more money)

And the system also turns them into fans that brings you more leads (more traffic)

And then Konvata turns the traffic to leads

And the whole cycle repeats

Just imagine that…leads, sales, revenue, profits, all on autopilot

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So, make the right decision now if you want to be able to have a complete system working on autopilot to get you leads, customers, profits, and free traffic.

If you skip, you won’t be this lucky again.

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