Great, You Now Have Access To Konvata Standard Version.
But Let's Do Something We don't Do; Something other Platforms Won't Do Either.

Create Unlimited Notifications On Unlimited Number Of Websites, And With Unlimited Impressions PLUS Get An Agency License To Deliver Popups To Your Clients' Website With Your Brand Name

Use Konvata Not Just For Yourself, But For Your Clients, And Get Paid For It
No Extra Charges Even If You Exhaust 10M Impressions Per Month

This Is A One-Time Offer - We Don’t Do This, And Nobody Does It Either. If You Leave This Page, You Won’t Get It Again

Here’s Everything You’re Getting With Konvata Unlimited

Create an unlimited number of notifications

With Konvata Unlimited, you can create as many notifications as you want for your website, or across many websites. You can also use all the available notification types, plus the ones that we’ll be releasing in the future according to user requests. You won’t need to delete some of your existing  notifications just to be able to create new ones. You can create as many as you want and for any number of websites, and let all of them run concurrently if you upgrade to Konvata Unlimited.

Add an unlimited number of websites

If you have more than one website or funnel, or you plan to have more in the future (you should), or you want to help others create notifications for their websites and funnels for your account and charge them, then Konvata Unlimited has you covered. You can add unlimited websites on your account, and be able to manage them from one dashboard. No extra recurring cost for this. Get Konvata Unlimited, and you’re covered for life.

Get unlimited impressions

Every time your notification fires, it consumes a piece of our bandwidth. This is why most popup tools charge you according to the number of times your notification displays (called impressions). Instead of paying as your impressions increase, you’ll be grandfathered into Konvata. So whether your notifications across your many websites rack up 1 Million impressions or 10M impressions per month, you won’t pay a dime ever again. You get unlimited impressions at a one-time cost.

Add unlimited team members

As a small business owner, you don’t want to be doing everything yourself. This feature lets you add your team members to your Konvata account, so they can create and manage your conversion notifications. You can assign each member you add to a particular brand or campaign, so they have access to that alone. Tweaked, you could even create a brand for a client, charge them for it and add them as a team member on that brand to manage it themselves. Pretty simple!

Get Custom Branding

Want free traffic to your brand? Then this feature is for you. You will be able to not just remove the “Powered by Konvata” signature, but will also be able to change it to your brand name, with the URL pointing to your website when the signature is clicked. This is going to bring you free qualified traffic from wherever you use the notification popup.

Get Agency License

Every business wants more leads, more sales, or better out, more conversion. And that’s what Konvata does. You can create conversion-boosting notifications for other website owners, and charge them whatever you want. Developers charge between $50 – $100 to write the code for a single notification. You can charge within that range, and use Konvata to have it done in 3 minutes.

Agency Marketing Materials

To get a client to pay you to set up conversion-boosting notifications for their website, you’ll first need to find the client, reach out to them, pitch to them, close the deal, and deliver professionally. We’re going to provide you with all the needed materials: emails, pitch-deck, Messenger messages, images, social proofs, and more.

This Is A One-Time Offer - We Don’t Do This, And Nobody Does It Either. If You Leave This Page, You Won’t Get It Again

So, Why Would You Need Konvata Unlimited?

If you own just one website, and you don’t plan to grow or help others to use Konvata and get paid…

…then Konvata Unlimited is useless for you, and you should ignore this special offer.

But if you own more than one website where you’d like to use Konvata on it…

And/Or you’d like to help others increase their sales and lead conversion rate, and get paid for it…

Then Konvata Unlimited is for you.

Usually, popup creation tools
offer a Pay-As-You-Go plan

Some will charge you as much as $97 per month for just 500,000
impressions, and for a limited number of websites as you can see below.

No recurring - no extra charges - all future updates inclusive

Konvata - Unlimited

This is a one-time offer - we don’t offer this usually, and no one does

Once you leave this page, you won’t have this opportunity again.

This page doesn’t show on search engines, and directly trying to access it will not work.

So, pick it up now that you have the chance.

It’s the best offer you can ever get for any popup creation tool, so you can’t go wrong with it.

And of course, you still have our 60-day money-back guarantee covering you…so nothing to worry about.