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Notifications That Grow Your Leads, Sales, Traffic, Revenue, And Website Engagement

Latest Conversion

Display real-time conversion information (sales, signups, bookings, etc) as they occur on your website. It initiates the “I don’t want to be left out” feeling in the mind of your visitor, forcing them to also buy, sign up, or take any action you desire.

Conversions Counter

Display the number of sales or leads that have occurred within a set period. This is a powerful social proof tool that makes your customer believe that your offer must be so good, hence the reason many people are taking it.

Video Display

A good use case for this popup is to display product demos, sales videos, or even testimonials from users. Konvata will display the video to your visitors at the set time or condition, and you can call up this video from YouTube, Vimeo, or any Self-Hosted platform


Offer special discount codes that are instantly copied with a click and applied to the cart. You can use this to recover abandoned carts and push your potential buyer to act now so as not to miss the discount

Live Counter

Let your visitors know the number of people active on your website at that moment. This boosts your social acceptance, as when your visitor knows that others are also on your website, it convinces the visitor that being on your website at that moment was the right decision

Lead Magnetor

Get the attention of your audience to your lead magnet using this simple and clean notification. Get them to enter their email to get access to the resource.

Email Collector

Get your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to get a special lead magnet with ease using this special attention-grabbing, but non-intrusive popup.


Customer reviews are a great way to boost the confidence of your visitors in the quality of the products or services you want to sell to them. Use this popup to display the customer reviews you have uploaded to Konvata


Display important announcements from your company to your visitors with this sexy popup. You can show product updates, the latest news, new wins, new product releases, or just about any important information you want your visitors to see.

Social Share

Build your audience on top social media platforms by encouraging your website visitors to follow you on those platforms. Konvata helps you create attractive social media popups with ease

Emoji Feedback

This popup lets you get the feedback of your visitors on how much they enjoyed your website

Cookie Notification

User consent is almost like a must these days. You need the consent of your visitors to collect and store cookies on their browsers, and this popup lets your visitors give you this consent with a click.

Custom HTML

You can even embed a fully designed HTML element and have Konvata display it on your website according to your settings. An example includes forms from your autoresponder, widgets from other tools, etc.

Call Back Request

User consent is almost like a must these days. You need the consent of your visitors to collect and store cookies on their browsers, and this popup lets your visitors give you this consent with a click.

Score Feedback

Similar to emoji feedback, you can ask your visitors to rate their experience on your website on a scale of 1-5. This will help you know when it’s time to improve or consolidate

Others Includes

Informational Bar

Share special information with your visitors using the top bar navigation


Display a small widget with an informative Image of your choice.

Collector Bar

Collect emails or leads without distracting the users.

Coupon Bar

Top or bottom simple bar to give your visitors a nice coupon for them to use.

Button Bar

Top or bottom cool bar to promote anything to your visitors.

Modal Two Collector

Collect leads with a nice looking and big modal.

Call to action

Raise awareness and cta with a nice-looking modal.

Text Feedback

Collect better and more straightforward insight from your users.

Engagement Links

Display a subtle widget that contains all of your relevant links.

Whatsapp Chat

Start a chat with your website visitors on WhatsApp using this popup

Contact us

Display a widget notification with your contact details

Four Simple Steps To Use Konvata


Create your brand


Copy and paste your brand code to your website head tag


Create any popup you want from scratch or using our prebuilt template, and edit as you want


Choose when, where, and how it will display, and click publish

How Others Are Using Konvata

Bloggers who want to build an email list, or showcase special offers on their blogs.

Cheryl uses Konvata to offer her blog readers exclusive content in exchange for their emails. She also uses it to display the best comments from her blog readers, so as to entice new readers to stick. In addition, she also displays her new offers to her visitors using Konvata. The result is over 7,000 leads collected within 4 months, higher engagement on her blog, and more sales for her offers.

Digital Marketers who want to get more than average sales from their funnels

Brad Cullinan uses Konvata on his sales pages to show real-time sales notifications and reviews. This makes his visitors more confident to buy his offer, knowing that real people are buying and reviewing it too.

Coaches and consultants who want to get more bookings and appointments where they can close clients

Neil McLarry uses Konvata to show his new visitors the number of bookings he’s gotten in the last 60 minutes. His leads see it and are moved to book too, so they don’t miss the available spots. He also flashes reviews at some points to reinforce his social reputation to the visitors, making them even more eager to book an appointment.

eCom Store owners who want more sales for their products, and recover abandoned carts

Adrienne runs a beauty store and uses Konvata to display her special offers and promotions to her audience, based on if they are new visitors or returning visitors. She also uses it to recover abandoned carts using the special exit-intent coupon display. According to her, this has saved her more than 20% of her lost sales.

SAAS Businesses who want to showcase a demo of their software, and acquire new users with ease

The team at Moosbu uses Konvata to display the demo of their software and to get new trial users using the real-time free-trial signup notifications. They also are able to build up their social media following using Konvata.

Affiliate Marketers who want to make more sales and get more commission for the offers they're promoting

Phil Sultanic runs an affiliate review website, and uses Konvata to showcase his hottest affiliate offers to his new visitors, with a special discount code. He also uses Konvata to collect emails from visitors who are interested in the type of products he reviews. That way, he’s able to make extra money from promoting new offers to them through emails too.








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What Our Users Say About Us

My email list has grown massively ever since I started using this tool. My visitors somehow couldn’t resist the notifications the code pops up, and I was able to get 1,200 extra leads in my first month of using it

Jason Lawrence

Our sales conversion has significantly improved since I inserted the code into our ecommerce store. We made $11,550.50 extra revenue the first month we tested it, and it has continually increased. It works

Emily K

I run a coaching business, and I rely on appointment booking to get leads that I close over the phone. Since inserting this code into my booking page, I have gotten over 60% more bookings than I usually get. I highly recommend it

Mark Tomsy

I’ve used a couple of popup creation tools in the past. But this is the easiest I’ve come across. I can have my popup running in less than 5 minutes. If you need a popup that you can set up without needing any support, I’ll recommend you try Konvata

Joel Adriel

3,500+ in extra leads, $11,700 in extra revenue, all within my 45 days of using Konvata. While there are many options inside it, the conversion and lead generation notifications are my favourite, maybe because they are the ones that bring me money, hahaha

Mitchelle Miguel

What I enjoy most about Konvata is the ease of use and the extra-fast support you get when you have questions. At some point, they even helped me set up my notifications. I love the team behind i

Abraham McKinsey

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Patricia Uwakwe - CEO

As the founder and CEO of Konvata, Patricia has dedicated over a decade to mastering digital marketing strategies, with a passion for enhancing user engagement. She’s committed to helping website owners amplify their growth through our innovative, user-friendly popup solutions. 


Patrick Enyum - CMO

Patrick fuses creativity with data to propel our SAAS to the forefront of lead generation technology. With a decade in digital marketing, he’s passionate about empowering website owners to convert visitors into loyal customers through intuitive pop-up solutions. 

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